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If you are wondering whether our Settlement Liquidity program may be a solution that you’re looking for, the best thing to do would be to call Michael or David directly. Either one would be happy to provide a no obligation phone consultation to see if the interest may be mutual.

Generally, anyone who finds themselves in need of ready cash with sufficient assets, as determined through Assent’s ISL program, is a potential borrower. Currently Assent is focused on the Divorce market, both pre & post. However, we are also reviewing tax, business partnership and other lien-based opportunities.

All fees are included in the final loan structure. These fees may include legal, valuation, forensics, life insurance and origination, all of which are fully transparent and fully explained up front. There may be times whereby other specific consultation is warranted. Should this arise both parties agree to the terms prior to any obligation. There are no hidden fees or costs.

The company has been able to secure private financing commitments to fulfill deal requirements. At this time the there is no upward limitation to funding with respect to deal size. However, there is a minimum size of $100,000.

A small business owner with approximately $10 Million in assets – privately held business, houses, land, etc., is getting divorced. Naturally, the spouse wants half, or their fair share, in the divorce. Unfortunately for both, there is no real cash available and no bank or traditional lending institution will fund the settlement. Enter Assent. Utilizing their ISL process, Assent was able to secure assets, revenue streams and insurance that had not been encumbered, allowing the borrower to provide an upfront cash offer to the spouse…former spouse.

Legal funding companies essentially provide financing for the litigation itself – legal fees and costs – that are paid out at settlement. One opinion holds that these types of mechanisms can actually prolong cases and be counterproductive to settlement. Assent, on the other hand, provides fast liquidity to promote and expedite mutually beneficial settlements.

Most banking and conventional funding institutions will only loan monies under certain narrowly defined conditions. Today’s liquidity needs don’t necessarily fit into these confines. Let’s take divorce for example. Often, marital assets are tied up and seemingly illiquid. e.g. homes, businesses, retirement accounts, stocks & bonds. Although these, collectively, might be significant joint assets, the only way to tap these assets is to sell them, which is almost always undesirable. Assent provides liquidity to its borrowers through Individualized Secured Lending (“ISL”), a tailored approach given the unique circumstances presented by each case.

Assent was founded by Michael Dershem and David Klein, Esquire, who have worked together for over twenty years developing creative financial solutions and strategies to aid and fund legal settlements and expedite negotiations. Michael is an accomplished entrepreneur having managed and raised millions for various successful entities. David has been practicing law for over twenty years maintaining a private law practice in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and is known for his no nonsense approach to deal structuring and negotiations. Together they combine their respective talent and experience to formulate creative secured direct funding for individuals.